Can you describe the processes and systems that you use to achieve and evidence best execution?

Our firm provides a fully-independent intermediation service carried out in the sole interest of our clients to attain best execution. The order execution policy is underpinned by a standardised process for selecting financial intermediaries and counterparties, a process for selecting execution venues, a process for analysing and selecting reporting systems used as part of the best execution mechanism. We have established a process for selecting, evaluating and monitoring brokers based on the following three points: criteria for evaluating order execution, monitoring of execution quality, periodic evaluation of brokers conducted through a dedicated broker review committee. Internal procedures also complement the execution and selection policies. CRD software maintains order history logs and ensures traceability. Ultimate oversight of best execution is performed by an independent Compliance, Internal Control and Risk Management department. For its part, our parent company conducts specific audits of the service provided by our firm.