Reception and Transmission of orders (RTO)

Best Execution / Best Selection : your obligation, our expertise

In ever-changing markets, technological and data-related developments are - and will be - key. Leaning on the expertise of a trade execution specialist enables you to focus all your attention on your core business: securities picking and asset allocation, while staying in touch with the street.

With that in mind, we strive to provide a fully independent trade execution service that acts exclusively in your best interest.

The pillars of our outsourced dealing model





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A team of experts at your fingertips

A multi-asset trade execution desk with extensive market and multi-asset class portfolio management. Though our traders are organized by market segment they still have experience with all underlyings.

Accessing liquidity in the best possible conditions

The ability to benefit from an established market footprint and extensive broker network provides our clients with efficient cross asset liquidity sourcing and offers broad market access on a continuous basis.

Access to cutting edge infrastructure

Access to our trading infrastructure allows you to combine quality execution with a secure framework. When you entrust us with your trade execution you benefit from systems that enable secure access to all types of trading venues. Our team scours the market for technology upgrades and ensures continuous monitoring of new initiatives and developments to offer the best possible trade execution experience 

Benefit from our integrated and tailored service offering

We produce reports that cover the broad scope of your activities and obligations and strive to support you in managing effectively your own best selection and best execution requirements. Our tools enable us to process in depth post trade analysis that is also put at your disposal.

Our vision of outsourced dealing services


  • will further undergo fundamental and technological shifts within 5 years, way beyond what we have experienced until now.
  • will impose ever more agility in organizations, within teams, and critical investments including IT/data

Our solutions :

  • Increase use of artificial intelligence on the whole trading chain
  • Widening and enrichment of our data and execution expertise
  • Ever stronger customer support around execution services

"Making a difference through value-added services which go beyond the sole trade execution, and the ability to relentlessly innovate."


Laurent Albert, Deputy Chief Executive Officer/Head of Global Trading Desk