Our model is based on transparency and the services we offer are subject to continuous dialogue to ensure that we best meet your requirements and that we maintain the ability to adapt over time.

Focus on best price

We ensure total transparency and the security is purchased or sold at the negotiated price that has been negotiated with a given counterparty. We focus solely on best execution and will only trade with counterparties that have taken all reasonable measures to obtain the best possible result for orders transmitted on your behalf.

To comply with our obligations, we undertake regular controls to assess the quality of execution for orders that have been intermediated. Our evaluation is carried out based on qualitative and quantitative factors (vote, dedicated tools to monitor execution prices) formalized within dedicated committees.  

Pricing Policy

Our service is subject to a fee that is separated from broker execution costs and is applied on a transactional basis. Our pricing schedule is fully transparent and is determined on an asset by asset basis. This approach enables a transition towards a variable cost structure as fees applied on a transactional basis.

Technology upgrades

Technology investments require regular upgrades and dedicated resources for maintenance and development. Continuous scrutiny of our technology platform enables you to evolve in synch with the markets and provides us with the opportunity to keep you informed you of any new development or initiative that impacts trade execution best practices

Established connectivity

Connectivity is an essential feature to ensure a secure and automated process that covers the entire trade execution chain. We put at your disposal a variety of tools with a view to interfacing seamlessly with numerous Portfolio Management Systems (PMS)

Our systems provide you with secure access to all trading venues (15 trading platforms across all asset classes, OMS (order management system) with an STP (straight through processing) link to brokers, pre and post trade analytics etc.)

Our long-term relationships with the banking and broking community, in addition to direct access to market makers and banking books favor broad market access and contributes towards attaining best execution

Risk control and regulatory watch

Our experienced risk management team strives to help support you in managing your own risks. We offer regular contact with our compliance and control teams, provide transparency and access to control results and also put data at your disposal to facilitate your controls and procedures.