How do clients communicate orders to you?

Clients can communicate orders based on their preferences and internal procedures in place (FIX, voice, chat etc.).

Natixis TradEx Solutions has set up in a secure, efficient and flexible framework an infrastructure that makes our OMS accessible, via : 

i)   a dedicated proprietary NCG tool, a dedicated CGI (Common Gateway Interface) that functions as a protocol decoder and interfaces with our OMS. The decoder allows several PMS (portfolio management systems) to connect directly to our OMS via the standard Fix protocol, or / and
ii)  a dedicated web application that can be deployed at client level and covers a wide spectrum of asset classes. The application is directly connected to the OMS system and allows STP execution of transactions and a confirmation process.
STP flows are set up with clients according to the following protocols FIX, MQ Series or swift, mail, specific formats.
The fax is not used for the transmission of orders.