Securities lending

Our mission : to offer you the best market opportunities at the best price, while taking advantage of the size effect.


We are considered a major player and a leading specialist in the securities lending markets. Our securities lending program is built on close relationships that have been established with our counterparties. The objective of our program is to optimize the positions in your portfolios and contribute towards providing an additional source of performance through income generation while managing associated risks.

The pillars of our model

A centre of expertise for revenue optimization

Secure framework

Robust multi-asset class infrastructure

Innovation and Data Science

Optimize market opportunities within a flexible framework


Our mission is to offering you the best market opportunities at the best price while taking advantage of the size effect.

We have the ability to operate in two flexible models: agent or principal. 



A secure environment

  • You first define the scope of securities which will be eligible for lending (lending base).
  • A selection of tier-one banking counterparties only: transactions governed by a legal framework (Global Master Repurchase Agreement for Pensions and Global Master Securities Lending Agreement for loans/borrowings)
  • Transactions are 100 % collateralized with a daily margin call
  • A setup of 2nd level controls is operated by the Compliance, Internal Control and Risk department

A team dedicated to portfolio optimization

  • A dedicated team to portfolio optimization.
  • Using platforms ensures wider market access.
  • Securities lending and repo transactions are recorded and transmitted in STP to counterparties and portfolios.
  • Our innovative internal tools allow you to challenge the search for the best price at any time.

Our strengths

  • Providing support to investment decisions via ongoing communications on securities lending market evolution
  • Multi-custodian offering
  • Best execution monitoring
  • Automation : lent securities can be recalled in the event of a sale
  • Tailored reporting
  • CSR compatibility (Corporate & Social Responsibility) : strong fiscal constraints / voting / counterparty assessment

"Our process strives to optimize your portfolio positions to achieve the best possible outcome."

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Securities lending team