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Natixis Asset Management Finance becomes Natixis TradEx Solutions

Published on Thu, 10/01/2020 - 07:40

Natixis Asset Management Finance rebrands to Natixis TradEx Solutions. A new name, but the same goal: offering our clients the best custom Trading solutions.


A rebrand that clarifies our positioning

Our decision to use a more descriptive name underscores our strategy to focus on our core business and therefore better showcase our expertise. 
The term “TradEx” aims to summarize the company’s historical activities. The company’s strategic business continues to focus on Trading/Execution, receiving and transmitting third party orders and custom-built securities lending programs. “Ex” is also a nod to our team of Experts.
On top of this, “Solutions” harnesses the full potential of our close client relations. It also denotes our more tailored strategy, which leverages our innovative set-up and technological intelligence.
Lastly and in turn, Natixis TradEx Solutions strengthens our affiliation to the Company. Our rebrand is fully in line with the Group’s ambition to establish a more defined brand architecture.

New graphic codes to highlight our unique expertise within the Group

By aligning with the Group’s graphic charter, we show commitment to its values. The choice of clean lines coupled with splashes of bright colors seeks to reflect our precise know-how and the agility of our teams. Visuals that focus even more on action and discussion illustrate our goal to provide our clients with practical and personalized solutions. 

A clearly stated ambition: to become the preferred partner for custom and outsourced Trading solutions 

By focusing on “Solutions” and our motto “Your buy-side partner*”, we reaffirm our role as an intermediary and our conviction that clients come first. Our ambition is clear: to become the go-to partner for comprehensive custom Trading solutions. Our offers include receiving and transmitting orders and custom-built securities lending programs, but our ambition does not stop there. We aspire to deliver additional services to bolster our initial offering, so that our clients benefit from innovative, comprehensive and custom outsourced Trading solutions.
Last but not least, Natixis TradEx Solutions is a brand name with international reach, reflecting our goal for continued growth in new markets worldwide.

Has anything else changed besides our name? 

Not at all. Our LEI has not changed, only our name. Your Company contacts will remain the same, as well as all telephone numbers and addresses. The only change will be your contacts’ email addresses, which will now end in 
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact:

*Your outsourced Trading partner of choice

This document is intended for Professional Clients only in accordance with MIFID. No information contained in this document may be interpreted as being contractual nor as investment advice in any way. This document is intended for informational purposes only.

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